Discover a new way of trading today!


Open and fund your account

Open and fund a live trading

account with a minimum of $2,000.


Connect to DupliTrade

Register an account

with DupliTrade and sign the LOD.


Setup auto execution

Select a trading system

to follow and adjust your exposure.

Tired of looking for trades? Having trouble generating consistent profits?

Why not let the pros trade for you?

Here’s how it works… When you fund your 1TradeMarket account with at least $2,000, you gain immediate access to DupliTrade’s portfolio of professional proprietary traders. You can choose from a variety of strategies, define your risk level and choose how your capital is allocated.

The best part? You are in total control.

Want to change a strategy? Want to exit a trade? Want to take your profits?

No problem! You can monitor and control everything in real time – right within your 1TradeMarket MetaTrader 4 platform. You can also test your portfolio on a risk-free demo account to find the strategies that best suit

Zero guesswork. Zero management required. Zero experience needed.

Copy the professionals

DupliTrade’s strategy providers are all experienced traders that trade on their own accounts with real funds. They are all carefully selected in order to provide clients with the best choice when it comes to automated trading.

Each strategy has a general description, full statistical data and trading characteristics that will assist you to choose the strategies most suited to your criteria.

If you’re not sure where to start, there’s even a trade simulator where you can compare strategies - or even the combination of MULTIPLE strategies - to see projected results based on your desired capital allocation and timeframe.

Once you have decided which strategies you want to copy, you can easily track and monitor closed and open trading activity at any time.

The information and analysis provided here has been produced by DupliTrade Limited. 1TradeMarket Limited “1TradeMarket” has reproduced the information without alteration or verification and does not represent that this material is accurate, current, or complete. The use of DupliTrade services is subject to the Terms and Conditions specified on their website. 1TradeMarket is not responsible and has no control over the signals generated through the use of the DupliTrade system and the resulting trades on 1TradeMarket accounts. The material provided is general in nature and has been prepared for informational purposes only without regard to any individual's investment objectives, financial resources or means. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved, and seek independent advice if necessary.


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